Emerging Young Artists

Application Deadline: June 14, 2024.


The purpose of the Francis K. Wilcox Scholarship Award is to put the region’s young artists in touch with the professional art world. By experiencing a professional show as an exhibitor, it is hoped that they will broaden their knowledge of a wide spectrum of media and artistic output.

This program is intended to honor and give public recognition to, as well as to stimulate competition among, students who have attained high achievement in a variety of media.

In addition to receiving a scholarship award, recipients will display and sell their work in a booth provided by CCAFI and participate fully with other exhibitors to give them the experience of taking part in a juried art festival alongside professional artists.


  • Detailed regulations will be included in the Emerging Young Artist Contract, provided following jury acceptance.
  • Two-dimensional work should be matted, framed and priced for display and sale.
  • Booths must be manned by the juried Exhibitor(s) during the entire two-day festival.
  • Work should be consistent with that sub- mitted to the jury; compliance will be monitored. CCAFI reserves the right to remove any work that differs from that juried, as well as any work or display deemed inappropriate or offensive.
  • Work must be original and produced by the exhibitor by hand or with appropriate tools. No buy-sell or imports. Use of kits, moulds, patterns, plans, prefabricated forms or other commercial methods is not allowed. Work should have been created in the past two years.
  • The display must be contained within the confines of the space provided. A tent will be provided for your use by CCAFI, along with display equipment. The space will be shared by both Emerging Young Artists.
  • Exhibitors are required to prominently display an Artist Information Statement, disclosing materials and processes used in the creation of the work displayed. Guidelines for creating a statement are provided upon acceptance.
  • Displays should be set up by 9:30 am Saturday & 10:30 am Sunday, and may not be taken down prior to closing. Lunches are provided, as is a Sunday Awards Breakfast. Tickets are provided at check-in.
  • Display of your own business cards, signs and banners is permitted, providing they do not block walkways or access to the booth.
  •  Name tags should be worn and official booth signs displayed at all times. Please do not write on or damage the booth signs provided.
  • Sale of promotional items is prohibited.

Failure to comply with regulations

May result in forfeiture of awards and removal from the Festival.

Image guidelines

CCAFI accepts only digital images for jury review. Please do not send slides, print-outs or photographs.

Image submission

 E-mail, non- returnable CD or thumb drive. Be sure the CD has been finalized and that the media is readable on both Macintosh and Windows computers.

Technical specifications

  • Recommended dimensions: 1920 pixels on the longest side. Images that are at least 1400 pixels on the longest side are acceptable. Files should be saved in baseline standard JPEG format RGB mode; resolution 72 dpi. This resolution will assist in lowering file size, which should not exceed 5.0 mb total.
  • Each image should be labeled with your name and a number that coincides with the description provided. (Examples: smith1. jpg; smith2.jpg). Descriptions should include dimensions, price, and other information you consider relevant.
  • If you are submitting images on a CD, label the disk with your full name and category(ies).
  • When sending images by e-mail, total message size with attachments should not exceed 10 mb, or it will be rejected by the server. If message size exceeds 10 mb, break the e-mail into two or more messages.

Please mail completed applications to

Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival, Inc.
Emerging Young Artist Application
P.O. Box 624
Norwich, New York 13815


All high school art students (2024- 2025 academic year) in CHENANGO AND ADJACENT COUNTIES are invited to apply for consideration for Colorscape’s 2024 Francis K. Wilcox Scholarship Awards. Eligibility is not limited to public schools, but includes home- school, private and parochial students.

Entry deadline

Applications should be post–marked by 5:00 p.m. on June 14th, 2024. Submission of an application is a commitment to jury only.


The Francis K. Wilcox Scholarship Awards of $350 per Emerging Young Artist (maximum of two) accepted by the jury will be presented at the complimentary Awards Breakfast on the Sunday of festival weekend.


No commission on sales is retained by CCAFI. All exhibitors are required by law to display a current NYS Sales Tax Certificate, provided by CCAFI, and to collect state and local sales tax. Details and assistance will be provided. Sales records should be submitted to CCAFI’s treasurer following the Festival and she will file with NYS Tax Dept.


In the event of a natural disaster or other circumstances preventing this event, the decision to cancel the festival during its course may be made by the CCAFI Board of Directors. In the event of cancellation, CCAFI will not be held responsible for any cost(s) incurred or loss of potential earnings.

Mail by June 14, 2024

  • Completed application form
  • Brief biography outlining your artistic accom plishments and plans for the future.
  • Three images (see guidelines) representative of your work.
  • SASE (3 oz. postage)

Jury decision

Notification of the jury’s decision will be mailed by July 1st, 2024.

Signed contracts must be postmarked by July 19, 2024

Failure to meet deadline will result the space being given to the next applicant on the jury’s list.

FEES: Colorscape’s $15 jury fee and $215 entry fee are waived for Emerging Young Artists. Two juried exhibitors will share a 10×10 booth with sides during the two-day event.

Jury decisions are based on

1) Creativity; 2) Workmanship; 3) Continuity of work; and 4) Your written biographical essay.

The jury will view submitted images, application forms and essays. Decisions of the jury are final.

Booth assignments

Emerging Young Artist Booth is restricted solely to the Exhibitors to whom the space is assigned. Only work consistent with that accepted by the jury is to be displayed or sold. Exhibitors will be notified of space assignment prior to the event.

CCAFI will provide a tent with sides, display equipment, booth signs and name tags.

Thunderstorms are a common occurrence in September but Colorscape takes place RAIN OR SHINE.