Artist Security Tips

We offer the following suggestions to help ensure your success & safety:

  • Greet each shopper individually as they enter your booth to let them know you are paying attention.
  • Two people at each booth assure maximum security; however, there should always be at least one person present.
  • Keep personal items to a minimum. Do not bring valuables that are unnecessary. Credit cards and cash should be carried on your person at all times. An apron or fanny pack works well for this.
  • Do not bring more cash than necessary to operate. The safest place for this is on your person. If you use a cash box, put it in the place least accessible to others. Most of the thefts that occur involve the removal of cash from the cash box or theft of the box itself while you are distracted.
  • Be aware of what is going on around you, especially during your booth’s most crowded times and while setting up or taking down your display. Thieves will work together to distract you, i.e. one will talk to you in front, while another will move to the side or rear of your booth. They are also apt to be looking for an opportunity to help themselves while you are busy putting things away at the end of the day.
  • Display your goods in a way that will make a missing item quickly apparent. Even larger items should be attached to the display as securely as possible so as to discourage easy removal. Smaller items are better displayed behind glass in cases that can be locked. Putting small items in small cellophane bags that crinkle when handled can help, or attach them to your display.
  • In credit card transactions, require identification with a picture whenever possible. Carefully check for card alterations and check against missing or stolen card listings, if available.
  • In the event you are involved in an incident, obtain the best possible description of gender, age, height, weight, color of hair and clothing worn. If possible, write it down and promptly report it to the nearest police officer. Contact information will be provided in your check-in packages, or call 9-1-1. The police department is located immediately across the street, so response is usually very fast.

    We have had very few incidents over the years, but please be aware that problems can occur at any time. We hope you have a wonderful show!