Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival has has been named to Sunshine Artist Magazine’s 200 Best list for 2023, a ranking of the most profitable art and craft festivals in the country based on artists’ reported sales in 2022. This year Colorscape is #25 in the list of 100 best Fine Art and Design Shows, the highest rank received to date. Colorscape also received this award in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Artists cast their votes for their highest money-making shows from 2022. They were asked to list their 10 most profitable shows and note whether they considered themselves artist or craftspeople. The focus is on revenue because that is the most objective indicator of a show’s success. Artist treatment, amenities, attendance, management and overall quality can impact sales, but are harder to gauge so have no bearing on rankings.

Colorscape’s organizers are delighted to received this honor and thank the artists who participated in the survey to make it possible. Thank you and we will see you again on September 9th and 10th in the parks.